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Jasco AS950

This range of autosamplers has a very small footprint, and use a range of vials but need a different tray for each. This model takes small vials, each holding 1ml of sample. The loop size is also small so although this is a variable volume model, the maximum injection size is approx 50ul.

This autosampler has the chilling option built in.

It is good condition, and is working very well, with good injection reproducibility.We have a matching pump  and a fluorescence detector if you wanted them as a system.


£1495.99 + VAT

Kontron 465

This is a flexible variable volume model, which does not have built in tray cooling. It takes standard 2ml vials, and has the tray, the syringe and the valve all easily accessible from the front without removing the cover. It even makes tuneful robot noises to let you know all is well.

It is easy to load with samples and easy to programme, and we have a cable for the start signal out for connection to a data system.


£1195.00 + VAT

Thermo AS3000

This model is variable volume, but does not have the column oven or cooling options. It works very well although its lid has been re-attached using a metal hinge, thanks to the plastic hinge breaking.

This is an industry standard workhorse autosampler, We have both the manual and the service manual for this instrument as pdf files.


£1495.00 + VAT

Alcott Model 708

This unit is virtually new, and has only been used for testing in our laboratory. It is a current model, as sold by the Alcott / Bischoff / Metrohm group, and has a list price of around £11K with the cooling option fitted here. It doesn't come with the tray cover, but we do have a tray cover from another unit which could be supplied free with this unit if required.

It is very easy to programme, almost obvious, even to a Geography teacher! It uses positive displacement to inject the samples. This means that it pushed the vial cap down the vial, thereby displacing the sample, and hence doea not ned a syringe. This means that two common autosampler problems cannot ever happen with this instrument (air bubbles becoming trapped in the syringe and the syringe wearing out giving unreproducible injections). It also results in the most reproducible injection volumes you are ever likely to see. There is one downside. You need about 1ml of sample, and can only do 1,2 or 4 injections from it. So if you have only tiny sample quantities, this is not for you. Otherwise it would be fine, especially for QC - type applications


£2995.00 + VAT

Kontron Model 360

This is a basic sautosampler with the unique 'race track' sample tray. It is a fixed volume model, so does not really suit research applications, but for a QC environment it would be perfect



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