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Our new website for used HPLC equipment is now live:


Why buy used HPLC equipment?

  • For a short term project or a PhD project
  • Because the need is now and the funds are nowhere to be seen
  • Its cheaper than leasing
  • As a low-cost back up if you cant afford downtime.
  • Because you can have it TODAY!


Why buy from Laserchrom?

  • We test the equipment in our lab in a real situation before we supply it. So we will have chromatograms to prove everything is working well.
  • We give a 3 month warranty
  • We can install it for you and show you how it works
  • We may give you a trade-in allowance against your old equipment.

Check out the new site! We have lots of detectors (including RI, UV, Electrochemical, Fluorescence and Conductivity), autosamplers, gradient and isocratic pumps, data systems, column heaters, degassers, solvent recyclers etc. Soon to be added will be some balances, water baths, an incubator, mixers etc. If there’s something you need, please let me know. Any of the equipment listed can be offered as a complete system.


Also have a look at the range of manuals we have available as pdf files. All are free, although there is a £5 charge for sending it to you.  We also have a series of servicing guides.


We have a lot of stock, so we are trying not to buy any more equipment at the moment. But we may allow a trade-in of old equipment against the cost of an HPLC course!


Best regards




Dr Stuart Jones


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